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Casio Mq24 Watches

All Casio Mq24 watches are analogue quartz wristwatches, some of the bestselling of their type and have a battery life of two years. They all have an Invicta Swiss movement, Invicta being a company founded in the 18th century, who are behind many of today’s quartz watches. They have an accuracy of about 20 seconds a month, meaning that it will only gain or lose 20 seconds in a month. They are unisex in style.

Although not designed for serious diving, they are certainly all fairly water resistant. They are certainly watches to look out for if you want take regular swimming lessons and need something to time your efforts. As with most things you need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some Casio MQ24s have white dials, such as the MQ24/7B, but most seem to have black dials. Both the MQ24/1E and MQ24/7E don’t show the individual numbers but has marks or dashes representing both twelfths of the hour and seconds (note that the 1E is in black, the 7E is in white). The MQ24/9B shows the 24 hour clock (also known as the military clock) and is a cream or beige colour. All of them have black buckles.

These watches are very reliable to a practical degree and are a joy to own and refer to, whether you use it for work or for play. As stated above they are designed to last a long time. They are also at an affordable price of around £15.

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